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Amazon Smile Foundation
Amerisure Insurance Matching Gift
Black Ball Ferry Line
Camaraderie Cellars
DA Davidson
IBM Corporation Matching Gift
Port Ludlow Performing Arts
Red Lion Hotel - Port Angeles
United Way of Clallam County


Sustaining Benefactor ($5,000+)

Malcolm Alexander in memoriam
Estate of Mary A. Whitmore
Chuck and Darlen Whitney
Randa Wintermute

Benefactor ($1,000 to $4,999)

Dr. Jan Adams and Dmitri Gerasimenko
Sheila Bland Adams
Nancy G. Ahlstrom, MD and
Gerald B. Stephanz Jr., MD
Shirley Anderson
Kent and Rosemary Brauninger
Bev and Sam Carlson
Elizabeth Corliss
Dorothy Field
MarySue French
Sandy and Nancy Goldstien,
in memory of Ruth Ames Olsen
Gary and Krys Gordon
Nancy and Ed Grier
Mark and Judy Johnson
Bill and Trudy Kindler,
in honor of Bob Baker
The Krabill Family
Drs. Leo and Marilynn Leonard
Mike and Kerry McCool
Marie Meyers
Alda Siebrands and Kris Slack
Paul and Paula Slyh
Leonard and Valerie Squires
Brigitte Steinmann and Richard Wellman
Terri and Tom Sutro

Sustaining Sponsor ($500 to $999)

Sylvia Berquist,
in memory of my sister Genevieve
Patricia and Kendall Casey
Kris Ecklund
Ervin and Elisabeth Ellinger
Nick Elliott and Mary Lowry
Michael and Karen Epler
Mike and Diane Flynn
Jo Anne Hughes
James and Jan Jones
LaNice Korus
Michael McDonald and Ann Elliot
John and Marty Melcher
Marsha Melnick and Kent Shellenberger
Tom and Jindi O’Donnell
Milton and Ellen Patrie
Richard and Tuttie Peetz
Jerry and Deborah (Rambo) Sinn
Ruth Stockdill and Michael Rau
Dick and Vicki Van Calcar

Sponsor ($250 to $499)

Anonymous (2)
Sam and Martha Baker
The Balducci family, in memory of Bal
Jim Burns
Ross and Vee Canning
Hearst and Jerri Coen
Dorothy Drain,
in memory of John C. Drain
Mindy Einarson
Henrik and Marijke Elbo
Connie Engvall and Pat Schoen
Elisabeth Hegyi
Stephen and Christine Heilman
Ralph and Dee Howard
Virginia K. Huntman
David M. Johnson
Dr. Jerome and Joan Kasher
Anne Kask
Jeanne LaBrecque and Richard Abriani
Paul and Judith LaMarche
Kristen Larson,
in memory of Bill Larson
Members of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Mark and Sherry Meythaler
Stephen and Deborah Moriarty
Paul and Mara Mowery
Barbara A. Neswald
Olympic Foothills Lodge -
Steve and Alice Kunkel
Eldora Pederson
Thomas and Nancy Reis
Sandra Relyea
Dale and Janet Russell
Dr. K. Penney Sanders
Ruth Schermer
Mike and Wanda Schneider
Phyllis and Ron Stecker
John and Rosalyn Taylor
Richard and Connie Thorson
Jay Tomlin
Gene and Mary Ann Unger
Raymond Weinmann
Jeff and Kate Weller
Mark Wendeborn,
in loving memory of Nancy Wendeborn
Paul and Gwyn Wessel
Gwen and Dennis Westeren
Martin and Audreen Williams
Bill and Christine Wrobel

Sustaining Contributor ($100 to $249)

Lillian Adamson
Bill and Lynette Baughman
Kristin Luana Baumann
Don and Cindy Bell
Ron and Ruth Bell
Lisa Bergman
Jim and Mary Bettcher
Marian Birch and Bronson West
Jack and Ruth Brown
Ann Butler
Sandy Cameron
Donna Campbell
Marcia and David Chance
Marek Chludzinski
Walt Classman
Walter and Bonnie Davison
Kathy Ellis
Jerry and Barbara Enzenauer
Jim and Trish Fedderly
Kelly and Julie Fisher
Jim and Gloria Fitzpatrick
Ron and Nola Freyer
Jim and Audrey Gift
Janet Gouin
Kris and Nola Grier
Mark and Linda Gutowski
Ross and Kathy Hamilton
Mark and Patty Hannah
David and Valerie Harrington
Steve and Karen Hart
Valerie Holland
Jolene Huntington-Sanborn
Marc and Jaki Jackson
Ronald Johnson
Ann Kennedy
Charles and Jean Lamb

Sustaining Contributor (cont.)

David Large
Robert and Karen Larsen
Bob and Sharon Litwin
Jorine Louie,
in memory of Bert Weiner
Van Maxwell and Rennie Shannon
Greg and Alana McCarry
Russell and Catherine McKenna
Laurene McLane
Nancy McLaughlin
Allan and Joy Mercier
Phil and Susan Merlin
David and Pili Meyer
John Norgord and Amanda Rosenberg
Sharen Numa
Ken and Eleanor Olin
Alane Olson
Ann W. Penn
Patricia Petit
Gary and Elizabeth Pond
Charles and Jaydee Price
David Rodgers
Gordon and Sally Rycroft
Beverly Schaaf and Rick Kirkwood
Myrna Schaaf
Norm and Helen Schaaf
Tom and Jackie Schaafsma
Erica Schreiber
David Shortess
Bette Sterling
DD and Orlin Trandahl
Roger and April Uhden
Bob Vreeland
Kathy Wagoner
Nelson Wainwright
John and Mary Wegmann
Bob and Chris Wiswell

Contributor ($50 to $99)

Harriett Angulo
Robert and Barbara Boekelheide
Arline Dailey and Bob Sorenson
Marge Hanes,
in honor of Dr. Robert Henry Baker, Jr.
Bob and Edith Henry
Kathleen Hussey
Mary Lee Long in memoriam
Ruth Luedeke
Jim and Robbie Mantooth
Greg and Kelly Mitchell
Paul Muench and Carol Snedden
Patrick and Janice Noonan
Candace Pratt
Jim and Kathy Rankin
Fred and Carol Royce
John and Carol Sinton
Mary Fran Smith
Doug and Linda Timmons
Jim and Marianne Ude
Ruth Welch

Sustaining Members ($25 to $49)

Anonymous (2)
Bob and Sheila Becker
Kay Garrison
John Gaston
Marcos Grimsditch
Gary and Shirley Haubold
Margie Jaedicke
Susan Park
Martha and Keith Peters
Mel and Vicci Rudin
Bob and Joy Sheedy
Joan Sullivan


Music Benefactors

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who have funded the purchase or rental of music that will be performed this season. Music purchases will become part of the Symphony’s growing library of scores and parts. The opportunity to contribute to this important fund is made available at our annual Applause Auction or by calling 360.457.5579.

Sheila Bland Adams, Shirley Anderson, Anthony and Jamie Balducci, Dennis Caldirola, Nick Elliott and Mary Lowry, Jerry and Barbara Enzenauer, Gary and Krys Gordon, James and Jan Jones, LaNice Korus, Drs. Leo and Marilynn Leonard, Michael McDonald and Ann Elliot, John and Marty Melcher, Marsha Melnick and Kent Shellenberger, Marie Meyers, Tom and Jindy O’Donnell, Mike and Wanda Schneider, Erica Schreiber, Alda Siebrands and Kris Slack, Jerry and Deborah (Rambo) Sinn, Tom and Terri Sutro, Dick and Vicki Van Calcar

The list above reflects donations received between November 27, 2017 and October 25, 2018.  We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions; please direct any corrections to the Symphony office, at 360.457.5579.