Please thank our generous sponsors. Clicking on the following logos will land you on their webpages.

(The lists below reflect cash donations received between January 1, 2020 and February 12, 2021.)



Amazon Smile Foundation
Amerisure Insurance Matching Gift
Beta Nu Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Camaraderie Cellars
DA Davidson
Field Arts and Events Hall
First Security Bank
Friends of PAPAC
Gould Family Foundation
IBM Corporation Matching Gift
Imagine It Framed
Olympic Printers
One of a Kind Gallery
Port Ludlow Performing Arts
Red Lion Hotel - Port Angeles
Shine Microsystems
Sound Community Bank
United Way of Clallam County
Wolfley Law Office

Sustaining Benefactors ($5,000+)

William and Valerie Anders
Anonymous (2)
Estate of Edna "Breezy" Elko
Mark and Judy Johnson
Gene and Norma Turner
Chuck and Darlene Whitney, in memory of Margaret Baker
Randa Wintermute

Benefactor ($1,000 to $4,999)

Dr. Jan Adams and Dmitri Gerasimenko
Sheila Bland Adams
Nancy G. Ahlstrom, M.D. and
Gerald B. Stephanz Jr., M.D.
Shirley Anderson
Helga Berger
Marian Birch and Bronson West
Kent and Rosemary Brauninger
Bob Coates
Kim Collings, in loving memory of
 Randee Slehofer
Mindy Einarson
Ervin and Elisabeth Ellinger
Julie A. Gardiner and Craig L. Miller
Sandy and Nancy Goldstien, in memory of Margaret Baker
Gary and Krys Gordon
Nancy and Ed Grier, in memory of
 Randee Slehofer
Lisa Harvey-Boyd and John Boyd
Bill and Kay Hermann
Krabill Family
Paul and Judith LaMarche
Jim and Robbie Mantooth
Mike and Kerry McCool
Marie Meyers
Leiann and Sergio Niccoli
Dick and Alice Rapasky
Ron and Nina Richards
Alda Siebrands and Kris Slack
Paul and Paula Slyh
Dick and Vicki Van Calcar
Robert and Melanie Whitten

Sustaining Sponsor ($500 to $999)

Kim Bowlby
Elizabeth Corliss
Hearst and Jerri Coen
Ann Elliot and Michael McDonald
MarySue French
Jo Anne Hughes
Betty Manning
John Middleton and Ann Murakami
Chris and Jory Noble
Jonathan Pasternack
Myrna Schaaf
Ruth Stockdill and Michael Rau
Gene and Mary Ann Unger
Raymond Weinmann
Paul and Gwyn Wessel
Allen Wilcoxon and Pat Harrison
Pat Willits

Sponsor ($250 to $499)

Anonymous (2)
Balducci Family, in memory of Bal
Sandra Cameron
Ross and Vee Canning
Mike Center
Sheri and David Crippen, in memory of Nathan S. Crippen
Henrik and Marijke Elbo
Jerry and Barbara Enzenauer
Mike and Diane Flynn
Debby A. Fuson
Kaye Gagnon
James Garlick
Ron Gilbert
Gail Hall
Judith Hanna
Mark and Patty Hannah
Elisabeth Hegyi
Katherine Hennessey
Matthew J. Holman
Jay Howard
Ralph and Dee Howard
Marc and Jaki Jackson
Weezie Jenkins and Steve Conner
Ted Johnson and LaNice Korus-Johnson
Anne Kask
Hildegard Martin
Scott and Tamara Meredith
Marsha Melnick and Kent Shellenberger
Members of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Stephen and Deborah Moriarty
John Norgord and Amanda Rosenberg
Susan Park
Richard and Tuttie Peetz
Martha and Keith Peters
Anna Petrova
David and Cindy Rodgers
Fred and Carol Royce
Beverly Schaaf
Lusana Schutz
Matt Stege and Shay Johnson
Eftin and Ingrid Strong
Marc and Ellen Sukolsky
Richard and Connie Thorson, in memory of Margaret Baker
Mark and Kara Urnes
Leslie and Nelson Wainwright
Joseph and Jenny Wolfley

Sustaining Contributor ($100 to $249)

Lillian Adamson
William T. and Nancy Barger
Bill and Lynnette Baughman
Lisa Bergman and David Fluharty
Sharon Bodkin
Robert and Sandra Borsos, in memory of Margaret Baker
Nancy Brant
Donna M. Campbell
David and Marcia Chance
Dr. David and Karen Christopher
Missy Church-Smith
Carlos and Denise Cordero
Maja Cox
Roger and Mary Crook
Steve DeBiddle
Aaron and Charlotte Elkins
Ron and Nola Freyer
Carolyn Gaston, M.D., Ph.D.
Larry and Jacki Gordon
Dan and Janet Gouin
Marcos Grimsditch
Ross and Kathy Hamilton
Arlene Havlark
Nancy and Bill Helwick
Bob and Edith Henry
Barbara Hughes

Jo Jarl
Roy and Pat Jones
Bruce Kelley
Ann R. Kennedy
Vern and Joy Klimecky, in memory of Margaret Baker
Mark and Pat Lewis
Muriel Main
Leah Marsh
David and Barbara McArthur
Deanna McHenry
Nancy McLaughlin
Lisa McMillian
David and Judith Morris
Ted and Nancy Nedderman
Sharen Numa
Katie Orth
Patricia Petit
Paul and Renee Reed
Sandra Relyea
Durkee and Mary Richards
Kate Robbins
Marina Rosenquist
Dale and Janet Russell
Judith Sharpe, in memory of Margaret Baker
David and Sharon Shortess
Bruce Skinner
Kristin Smith
John and Sue Stednick
Avril and Ian Sykes
Jim and Marianne Ude
Roger and April Uhden
Merry Van Deusen
Patrice Varela-Daylo
John and Mary Wegmann
Jeff and Kate Weller
Gwen and Dennis Westeren
Lorene Walter
Dawn Wolff

Contributor ($50 to $99)

Chelea Alwine
M. Ralph and Harriett Angulo
Anonymous (2)
Robert G. Becker
Jean Black
Georgiana Borte
Ken and Ann Burland
David and Elizabeth Christian
Walt Classman
Gary Dahl
Kathleen Dionne
Linda Dowdell
Marielle Eykemans
Corey Flohr
Steve and Karen Hart
Mary Eleanor Hill
Jane Hutton
Margie Jaedicke
David Large
Tracy Lay
David Mattern and Pam Wilder
Bruce and Rosemary Moorhead
Geri Napier
Barbara Neswald
Cheryl Nicpon
Judith Pape
Tony Rumore
Carol Stults
Cherie Westfall
Cecil and Maria White

Sustaining Members ($25 to $49)

Don and Cindy Bell
Anne Dalton
Stan and Sally Garlick
Patricia Hammel
Katherine Kennedy
Elizabeth T. Knott, in memory of Margaret Baker
Erika Lindholm
Cindy Mackay
Loa Little-McCubbin
Sylvia Meyer
Hillary Nordwell
Janet and Bob Pearson
Dorthe Grube Porter
Diann Roll
Catherine Schmidt
Fred and Jean Thompson, in honor of Evelyn Tobin
Marian Wilson
Phillip Wingrove
Ann Zimmerman

Music Benefactors

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who have funded the purchase or rental of music that will be performed this season. Music purchases will become part of the Symphony’s growing library of scores and parts. The opportunity to contribute to this important fund is made available at our annual Applause Auction or by calling 360.457.5579.

Dr. Jan Adams and Dmitri Gerasimenko
Nancy G. Ahlstrom, M.D. and Gerald B. Stephanz Jr., M.D.
Kathleen Balducci
Jack and Ruth Brown
Sandra Cameron
Hearst and Jerri Coen
Don and Vicki Corson
Ann Elliot and Michael McDonald
MarySue French
Gary and Krys Gordon
Nancy and Ed Grier
Matthew Holman
Kathleen Hussey
Ted and LaNice Johnson
Jim and Jan Jones
Drs. Leo and Marilynn Leonard
David Mattern and Pam Wilder
Michael McDonald and Ann Elliot
Marie Meyers
Mike and Wanda Schneider
Alda Siebrands and Kris Slack
Ron and Phyllis Stecker
Raymond Weinmann
Jeff and Kate Weller
Chuck and Darlene Whitney
Joseph and Jenny Wolfley

The list above reflects cash donations received between January 1, 2020 and February 12, 2021.  We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions; please direct any corrections to the Symphony office, at 360.457.5579.