There are myriad jobs to be done for the symphony.

Scroll this page to see where you might plug in and make a difference!

board of directors

A Director is responsible to do the following:

Attend Board meetings and help make responsible policy decisions. Meetings are usually on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Symphony office from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

Buy a season ticket and attend concerts.

Support the financial health of the orchestra by making a monetary donation to the Symphony as your financial ability allows.

Serve actively on at least two Board committees in addition to the auction committee on which all Board member serve.

Be actively involved in the selling of season tickets as follows:

Assist the ticket committee at the March and April concert ticket drives;

Distribute Symphony brochures and encourage newcomers to purchase season tickets.

Be actively involved in the Symphony’s major fund-raisers.

Collect and/or donate items to our annual Applause! Auction.

Attend the auction to increase bids and promote the auction’s success.

Always be aware that good public relations are crucial and continually strive to foster friendly cooperation between the Symphony and the community.

Help at the September Grand Opening Event and the Applause! Auction with set-up, clean up, food and wine serving, ticket selling/collection duties.

Help with mass mailings when needed; newsletters, brochures, season tickets and other jobs.

Assist with any other fund-raising activities approved by the Board.


Don’t like lots of meetings, but want to help with fundraising?

The purpose of the Guild is to promote and increase music appreciation throughout the Peninsula and to assist the Board of Directors in fund-raising events. If you are a person who wants more than just their name on another list and enjoys hands-on work with a fine arts organization, then come join our team! There are no monthly meetings and most communications are through e-mail and by phone. Meetings are held only when necessary in order to prepare for a fund-raiser or event. There is a small assessment of $15 per year which helps to cover the expenses of the Guild.

Join up, dig in, and make a difference!

Are you interested in helping in other ways? You can offer help to the office, help usher at concert events, help with set up and cleanup of special events and the Pops Concert. The list is, perhaps, endless. Join up, dig in, and make a difference!